Hi People

Hi people,

Im a guy from North London Originly, but I moved to Alberta Canada, about 10 years ago, its been warm here the last week or so and even had the chance to go for a blatt on Christmas day, which is cool couse Id just finished putting my GSXR 7/10 fighter together.

Welcome mate, nice looking fighter you have there. Wouldn’t be taking that out over here right now, sleet and snow and tons of salt on the roads.

Hello and welcome. Loving the bike. List of mods pls? Was the engine a straight fit?

So I bought a Crashed GIxer 1000 k2 about 7000km on the clock the usual damage, but the frame was tweaked at the head stock so the bike was writen off by the previous owners insurance company I bought the whole thing for $1200.00 about 580 quid, the bike was running on the key…

I decided I needed a bike to stick the engine in to, MY mate who owns a bike breakers, had a 1998 Gixer 750 with a blown motor, he sold it to me for $500 Canadian 200 quid, the motors are very simalar, but it wasnt a straight forward the only mount that remotely fit was the rear bottom, but even then I had to grind 1/4 inch off each side of the engine for it to fit, the top rear mount had to me removed from the frame compleatly and a new one fabbed and tigged on, the front each side needed adapter plates , there was no play at all and the motor had to be pulled in to the frame with tie down straps. tight as a NUNS WHO HAR.

everything else bolted up fine.

Im still thinking of using the 1000 swinging arm becouse the 98 750 swinging arm is three inches shorter, and as it is, it caught me unaware and I did a rollon wheelie in 3rd, that had my arse pucker up…but sure made me grin like a complete ******.

other than that, it has a tre mod, a yoshie tri oval, that im gonna cut down, and new oil cooler on the forks, KN filter,

Im not running any ram air and dont see the diferance as yet in performance or lack of it.

Ducati All Aluminum front fender, the SRAD tank needed to K2 petrol pump mount welded in to it. sub frame made up out of the srad, and k2, and cut down. Aluminum Ducati monster rear tail, gixer k2 seat cut down and re-upolstered, stearing dampener couse it needs one. the handle bar risers were off a YAM virago, that worked out great becouse it leaves room to adjust the front suspension.

thats about it.

Welcome and lovein’ the bike.

Am I getting deja-vue here?

Isn’t this the one we decided had been photoshopped? Sweet bike still, I remember seeing pictures of the raw steel version etc…

Tell me I’m not dreaming about this forum now? Please…

Sounds it’s time to quit drinking chap!

Nah, you’re right I remember it too - some crazy forum goings on no doubt!

Welcome! Great bike mate! It makes me want do do a project bike like that!

yeah I had put my bike up in the introductions first of all then moved over to the streetfighter section, the bike is still in its raw aluminum and steel state Im still in two minds wether im gonna paint it or not I like the raw look, it looks more aggressive





I knew (hoped) I wasn’t going made.

Tough call mate, that natural metal look works and is pretty unique, I know I posted about a Gixxer-esqu scheme but looking at the pics again I dunno. I’d leave it, and if you’re still thinking about painting it in a few months, then paint it. But I reckon I’d get used to it as it is.

Looks good, but not complete, IMO. How about polishing it all?

I like, but, I still think that it needs colour I am afraid.

Yeah I live in Calgary its a long ride to London from here but Ewan McGregger rode through calgary on the show, the long way arround, and apparently on the whole trip, calgary was the only place he got knocked off his bike. nice!!, didnt the other guy whats his face get knocked off here too, I actually think Calgary drivers are the worst in the world. I got knocked off by a pedestrian a few months ago, a drunk run at me and my bike as I was riding along, I took him out and layed down my GSX1150 on its alternator case…******

actually I may be back in a couple of months if I do, Id like to come out for a ride, maybe I could Hire something while Im london.

Nice bike you have there… and Welcome to the site…

Great looking ride I like it as it is with the terminator look!

hi there,

and welcome to LB>…

hiu Abbey what sort of machine do you have.

Hi there…

I have one of the baby bikes in the group at the moment - a cbr125r (there are three of us with them)

… but in 8 days 9 hours (not that i am counting or anything) i am hoping to have my full licence and my new hornet sitting in my garage…


where in canada do you stay I have some family up in Quebec…

All the best of LUCK Abbey… Not that you need it, you have more than enough skill…

I live in Calgary Alberta Canada, roads run as str8t as far as you can see, it allmost looks like they shoot to the sky, home of the calgary stampede (ROdeo), its kinda the Texas Oil patch of CANADA. the music is country, bikers wear chaps, the major export is OIL, houses prices have increased 30% in the last month, awesome if you own a house not so good if you dont. I had a cb125 when i as a kid learning how to ride, back in england, as for the hornet in your garage, i love the look of the hornets, bestof luck with your test