Hi Peeps...

An inroduction ha? Like an AA meeting? “Hi, my names Dave, and I have a motorbike probem” good enough?

I live near Gatwick and comute up to Hammersmith everyday so do around 25/30k a year on the bikes. I work as a Building Surveyor kicking around town most days on one my hacks. They are a Transalp, Aprilia Capnord and Ninja.

The Transalp is just the best hack in the world, cheap to buy and run and really stands up to neglect well. I did 40k miles on my last one and nothing ever went wrong, so I bought a brand new one last September.

The Ninja was a late night purchase from the pub carpark, a time and place not noted for wise purchases!

The Caponord was an impulse Ebay purchase. I really wanted to buy one new (they are/were so damn cheap) but I just knew being Italian it will break down alot, so bought the 'Alp.After a few years they are even cheaper,saw this one, before I knew it I had the “Congratulations, you’ve won this item” message across my screen.I love it though, the best bit being is hardley any one else has one, so I’d love to hear from any fellow owners.

Hopefully these are pix of the hacks…






Hi and welcome aboard.

Ah…finally posted a welcome post!! I knew it wouldnt be a normal… ‘Hi, I’m new…’

Like the pics, however the bikes do look better in the flesh!

Brace yourself for some abuse I know is coming you way!


Hiya Dave,

Work, thats when you get out of bed to go into work. LOL

Also beers are in the fridge, so when you coming around next???

Anyway, welcome to LB.

Hey Fella!

Welcome to LB

Hello & welcome

Hey, welcome to LB!!

hiya dave welcome to lb.

Greetings dude and welcome to LB.

Well done ‘Dave’ for admitting that you do have a bike problem

You have come to the right place. We have many members far worse off than yourself and I’m sure their experiences and advice will be of benefit to you

Welcome to LB, see you out and about

Ahhh! At last-another Capo owner-welcome Dave! I started out looking for a Transalp, but ended up falling for the Capo. I can’t fathom how to get my pics up on the site so try getting down to Borough Market next week.