Hi (Nod)

Hi All,

Picked up my first crate fresh bike today, my sixth bike in nine years. Based in Kent but been commuting in to east London since 2000. Hope to see some of you on the streets:cool:


Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

what sort of area in Kent you at? I’m just outside Tonbridge meself :smiley:

Hi and welcome…:smiley:

Hello and welcome, good choice of bike bTW :smiley:



Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile: Nothing like a bike off the showroom floor. Enjoy.

Hello there!

Hello and welcome - I also live in Kent and commute to East London

Hi & welcome

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Thanks for the warm welcomes all. Just goes to show what a small world it is:

Wolfie, I work at a hospital 10 minutes walk from Green Street.
Stevie and R6babe, I live in Gillingham but the bike came from Sturdey’s up the Shipborne Road, Tonbridge.
Fubles, whilst that forum is down have you checked out www.gsx650.me.uk ?

Cheers :cool:


Hi, welcome to LB, i’m in kent too (dartford ish)if you ever fancy going out for a ride

mel :stuck_out_tongue:

HI and welcome to LB ,