hi - new to forum

Congrats on passing the mod2…hopefully see you out on the roads soon :slight_smile:

I’ve had couple of tries with MOD2 and finally passed it in June :slight_smile: Good luck and all the best!!! It’s the best feeling driving away from the test centre with the pass certificate :slight_smile: Forum is a good place to get lots of good advices. Looking forward to the good news!


just realized i didn’t go to the bottom of the page before posting it. Congrats!

I managed Mod 2 first time with just one minor for pulling up to close to a bus stop lol but the mod 1 took two attempts having left a 20metre skid mark behind on the first go when doing the emergency stop lol. Nerves got the better of me and as soon as he raised his hand I slammed both the brakes on, locked the wheel, smoke, burning rubber smell the lot haha. Annoyingly id never messed a single one up in practice, just panicked I think, its not a nice environment really its abit intimidating!

yeah was an amazing feeling, on the way back to Croydon my instructor did some advanced training on the country lanes with me which was pretty awesome too!