hi - new to forum

Hi all,

Just thought id say after joining the forum a while ago but not posting anything!

Currently riding a rattly old CG125 but ive just passed mod 1 with mod 2 booked for next week, so fingers crossed for an upgrade!



just though id say ‘HI’ even, lol.

lol hello! Good luck on your mod2 :slight_smile:

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Ive got to do it down in Burgess Hill as Croydon and Erith are booked up for quite a while so it’s gonna be a weird one as I’ve never been on any of the roads around there!

Welcome to LB! CG’s are great little bikes, I loved mine! Good luck for mod 2 :slight_smile:

I loved mine until I went on the DAS bikes now it just feels so small and like a push bike lol

I’m after an SV650 I think but still looking, liking the yam thundercats aswell.

Hi, good luck with the test :slight_smile:

Hi Welcome to LB, :smiley:

Good luck wth test,

get your self over there and get a bit a feel for it, might help.

Welcome to LB

Good luck on test

Welcome Kev

If you need any help or advice. I am happy to help.

<---------------------------------- Moto-King

nice one mate,

any thoughts on first ‘big bike’ would be appreciated incase ive overlooked any!


you’ll love the thundercat. nobody i know has ridden one and hasnt fallen in love.

hello, welcome on board.:smiley:

:doze::doze: Hi And Welcome To LB :cool::cool:

Hi and welcome from another newb ,

If ur talking the thundercat engine ( r6 / fzs600 ) then i can agree as im luvin my fazer.

Also, when you say croydons booked for quite a while, how bad is it ?

anyway, again, welcome and Good Luck !

Well not massively I could have had one in early September but I’m off work until the end of August so would like to try and get it done before I go back.

just though id let everyone know I passed my mod 2 this morning. nice one to everyone thats offered advice etc. Now just need to find my first ‘big’ bike, cheers again,


welcome and weldone :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB. A 600ish cc will do gr8 as a 1st bike. Just check the insurance before u commit :Whistling:

Thanks guys, did the test down at burgess hill some beautiful countryside and wicked roads round there glad I didn’t do it in Croydon in the end!

I’m after an sv650 I reckon if anyone’s got one up for sale?

Also gonna be selling a cg125 if anyone interested. Will get some pics etc and sort an add out tomorrow if I get chance.