Hi - new member


I recon it’s about time I signed up and joined in the shenanigans here.

Some of you may know me already or at least have had your picture taken by me. I ride a 2000 CBR600FY and am seen around at plenty of events waving my camera.

I live in SW London and commute into the city daily, although have had a week or two off from the bike after an ‘incident’ on Clapham high street one wet morning recently! (now resolved)

Hey Swaffs,

Welcome to the site. We meet about a year ago, I used to have a black and yellow cbr6.


Ah yeah David, your missus had the same bike as me if I remember correctly.

Hey Swaffs, welcome to LB! Enjoy!

Welcome Swaffs.

Some good people in here mate.

Hello Swaffs… Welcome to the site… Hope you enjoy the ride!!!

Welcome to the forum mate.

Welcome Swaffs … have fun!!

welcome swaffs!.

Whats popping Swaffs.

That’s me. She’s still got it, and currently looking for a second bike. I think she’s almost sold on the idea of a blade.

Hey Swaffs, nice to see another BCF member aboard. Welcome to the forum, enjoy the site!


Hello and Welcome. Enjoy but make damn sure your bike is secure!

Hey mate welcome to the house of fun!

Hi m8 and welcome to the happy house…

Howdy diddly doody Swaffy.

No embarrassing pics I hope.

Hey Swaffs nice to see another BCFer on here

Not met you yet but will be good to meet up and talk cameras lol

Hey mate how’s the photography going?

I soooo need to upgrade my camera next year…

and the bike

and my lid

and my boots etc…

Welcome from another newbie (also from BCF, but I think I’ll now be thrown out of that forum…)!

Well I’m gonna buck the trend and say:

Hi Swaffs! Great to see another "CBR Forum"er on here!