Hi new here but do you know about £12.50 charge to ride in London?

Hi just found your interesting forum, I had to share this amongst the biking community, due to the proposed ULEZ there will be a daily charge of £12.50 to every motorbike and scooter not meeting Euro 3 standards from 2020!! The consultation closes on 9th January so please read up and tell others to let the powers know that motorbikes only account for less than 1% of pollution and bikes should not be charged!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post

yeah it’s been mentioned before.

A couple of times…



Thanks reading through it now… Seems grossly unjustified to charge bikes!

it is only a consultation, which you can comment on, so go make your objections known.

Already sent in my opinions stating why motorbikes should not be charged considering it amounts to less than 1% of pollution. I just hope more do by the 9th jan when the consultation closes

Why? I mean, I get that it’s annoying and I’d rather they didn’t, but there’s not much of a logical reason to exclude bikes (assuming the charge itself makes sense), is there?

there is if you want to promote PTW’s as a viable alternative to help aid the reduction in pollution and congestion. to reduce both you need to get people out of their cars and to do that they need an alternative. As it stands PTW’s are one of the very popular alternatives, but if they end up paying the con charge and parking along with cars then they wont be anymore.

I don’t think motorbikes are any more considered part of the solution, certainly not of the pollution one, and I don’t really see why they would be. Motorbikes are not the beacons of efficiency we keep pretending they are - small cars regularly get better fuel consumption than do mid- and large-sized motorbikes.

Scooters, perhaps, but the focus is definitely on public transport and bicycles.

Big Red is right - when you can buy a large family car, for example a 1.6 Diesel Audi A3 5 Door sportback which manages to get 70 MPG and 10.3 seconds 0-60 then something is very wrong with the production of some motorbikes, for example mine, my FZ6 S2 manages just 33mpg on an average run.

In terms of congestion, yes we are part of the solution, in terms of pollution, no, we are not.

What we need is Bike manufacturers to start pulling their finger out and come up with some equally powerful but greener bikes.

My BMW emits 66gco per km I switched from a big bike several years ago for the reason of emission and economy (thought it more practical for just commuting) but the new euro 3 states it should be 5.5g per km… So looks like it will have to be electric powered bikes? The BMW cost from £13.5k

Well, electric or ‘just’ more efficient. This charge is six years away still, most people will not at that point be riding the bike they are riding today.

I think you have not actually understood the emissions numbers, euro 3 is actually 2.00 g/km of co2, euro 2 is 5.5.

A 2012 BMW R 1200GS is 0.55 g/km for example which is way way below euro 3 - most of this talk is rubbish from ill informed people scaremongering other ill informed people.

Care to post make model and year of your bike so ai can re-assure you?

In addition, just to point something out, the CBR1000RR which is a beast meets Euro 3 standard…

Surely the fact that you don’t sit in traffic for long makes a bike much less of a pollutant than a car?

Of Course it does, however these variables are rarely taken into account when government plan things, but on a serious note, it’s one of those variables that are hard to measure accurately, some bikers are **** at filtering whilst some filter like they are rossi on a final lap.

I don’t see a compelling reason why a smoky old motorbike should be excluded from the charge altogether but charging the same for a 2006 125cc scooter that wasn’t approved to Euro 3 (but presumably may meet the criteria?) as for a minibus that doesn’t comply with Euro 6 seems a bit disproportionate.

What about all the post 2007 bikes with the catalytic converter removed, you 'orrible polluting monsters!

What TfLOfficia and boris forgot to mention was that the 1% pollution figure quoted for motorbike/ scooter emissions was done a few years back when there was a lot more two stroke scoots on the road motorbike/ scooter emissions have changed a lot in the last 5 years motor vehicle emissions haven’t

Thats not true, motor vehicle emissions have changed a lot more than motorbike vehicle emissions, have you failed to notice all those hybrids around you, or those electric cars, or those cars with awesome fuel efficiency?

Also, IF what you are saying is true, if you are saying that the 1% figure which is being used was in fact recorded when there were more two stroke scooters around that also means there were a lot less motorbikes around too, so in a way it could actually mean it’s more than 1% - since 1997 the amount of motorcycles on UK roads has doubled, if they want to use old statistics let them as it benefits us.