Hi! New here and new to biking :)

Hello, I’m Kam!
I’ve always liked the idea of riding a motorcycle but only recently have I started to seriously think about it! I don’t have a bike yet - still saving to do training, get gear and the bike of course. I will be trying to get an A2 license straight away so I don’t have to waste money getting a 125… I think um - is that a good idea? lol. Maybe not but I feel like I would like at least a 250cc bike and the 125 would get replaced too quickly to justify getting it if I can do an A2 license with a bit of practice.
I’m a student at UCL and hate commuting on the tube in the mornings, the lack of personal space seriously gets to me so it seems like a perfect solution <3 I’m not actually in London this year since I’m taking a year off for health but I’m hoping to be all ready to ride when I’m back next September. Going to be mostly lurking 'til then but I thought I’d say hello regardless :pinch:

Hi and welcome, a good place to start for training http://www.londonbikers.com/forums/topic1012050.aspx


I started a year ago and did 3 months on a 125.
It was good to do it and if you buy now and sell it at the start of summer then you might break even.
Bikes are a bit cheaper at this time of year because of the impending winter.

If you are going to do A2 then might as well get a big bike- 250cc bikes don’t sell in great quantities because if you can ride over a 125 then you might as well go to a 600 or so.
Your call though.

welcome!, i started on a ninja 250, never had a 125 but im glad i used a bike with less power to learn the basics, depends on what your looking for but the spec for the ninja 300 is really good, great MPG and plenty of power. it also fits nicely within the A2 restriction.

(im a huge Kawasaki fan so slightly bias but still, on paper its a no brain-er!)
you cant put a price on research though, look around and see what works for you :slight_smile:

welcome to the jungle

Hi & welcome!


Welcome to LB :slight_smile: