hi, new guys thoughts

hi, all, have been working in and around southeast london and city, vauxhall areas for years and am now starting to use a motorcycle in these areas and to commute, mainly in the better months :cool:. IT is really sad to hear of stolen bikes on here and there are guys on a black scooter riding these areas stealing bikes everyday, especially sports bikes.Your pride and joy is not safe even in the carparks, ie queenvictoria st , baynard i think, and all areas. You guys may already know this but it really upsets me and the only thing we can do is multiple locks and trakkers on more expensive bikes . They took a gsxr from queenvictoria st in the week and use the scooter to tow away, jumping the lights at blackfriars, nearly getting flattened by a coach ,and over the bridge and away in minutes. Sorry my first post is doom and gloom , but i do worry about leaving my bike anywhere up here and seeing the black scooter go by. Great site by the way , look out for you all soon




Hi and welcome!


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: You can only try and be as careful as possible, prevention’s better than cure though :wink: