Hi London Bikers! Need advice after being hit by car

Hi London bikers!

My name is Nicola, and until last week I was the proud owner and rider of a beautiful white ER6-N based in Camden.

Unfortunately, sad news brings me to your forum as a car (not looking whilst turning right out of a queue) ploughed into me last week writing my lovely bike off and having never had an accident before (or even a speeding ticket!) I could really do with some advice from a more experienced community.

Where should I post my query?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi Nicola, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Really sorry to hear about your accident, hope you weren’t hurt.

Please feel free to post your questions here:


I’m sure there will be lots of people able to give you good advice. Perhaps also send a message to TC - he is a specialist motorcycle accident legal beagle!

Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear about your accident, hopefully you came away unscathed? As Ally has said, post up your queries, there always someone can and will help out where possible.

Hi guys!

Thanks so much, I’ll post it now.

I was very lucky, my bike took the impact and I came away with some lovely bruises on my shoulder, hip, left leg and foot, as well as some crapes to my left foot but no broken bones. I was travelling so slowly but the guy hit me side on with the front of his car, which meant dropped bike, dented frame and my RPha-10 helmet needs replacing.

Thank God I wasn’t a pedestrian crossing the road to get the bus or my leg would have been hamburger!


Hi Nicola,

Sorry to hear about your accident! I really hope you are not injured.

I had a similar situation just over 2 years ago. My YZF R-125 was hit by a car turning right out of the queue to my left. I tried to swerve to avoid the impact. I managed to keep the bike upright, but my knee protector and the side panel of the bike “got scratched” - no broken bones, no serious damage to the bike. I didn’t even notice the whiplash until about 3 days later. The pain in my neck lasted for over a year, whilst the knee starts to hurt after any long run.


Get an accident claims company to look into your case as soon as you can. Some of them specialise in Motorcycle accidents. Their consultation is free and do hire one which deals on “no win, no fee” basis. They will also let you know what outcomes to expect in your circumstances.

Talk to them as soon as you can - don’t delay - they would arrange a medical examination (within a couple of weeks) if you are injured. I went with “Bromley Holcroft” as they were provided by my insurance company - they’ve recovered 100% of damages to the bike and some compensation for injuries. However I’ve seen some negative posts about them on this forum. Personally I was pleased with them handling my case.

Hope this helps…

welcome sorry to hear about the crash.

Welcome aboard and sorry to hear of your off. I hope you make a speedy recovery from your injuries and that you have fun finding a replacement bike.

Rider Support Services are a good firm of motorcycle-specific solicitors, might be worth giving them a ring on 020 8246 4900. I’ve used them a couple of times with great success.

Hi and welcome to the forum :smiley: Sorry to hear about the off :angry:

Get in touch with White Dalton - I personally recommend them for being extremely helpful. Good luck!