Hi, just found you

Hi all

I was looking for parking in London and your site popped up with some good advice, many thanks.

I am going to ride my Pan-European into London for the first time tomorrow…wish me luck.:slight_smile:

have fun with our lovely road layouts if your goin into town :smiley:

I have done it often enough by car, but never on a bike…I think I might be relying on the TomTom quite a bit.

good luck for tomorrow joxvox x:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Have fun riding in today.

Hallo and welcome!:slight_smile:

good luck and welcome to LB


hello and welcome

hello and welcome.

pan european into london…you’ll need more than luck


Hi and Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hello there

welcome to lb

welcome to LB

Hi Jox. Welcome to LB. I hope your trip into t’smoke went well.

Wow, what a welcome…I am much more used to being ignored as a newbie. You are all very kind.

The ride into London actually ended up happening this morning and it was muuuuch easier than I had thought it would be, the roads are quieter too. I had completely forgotten we can use bus lanes!!! Fantastic.

I had a slight yikes moment going through the traffic merges at Swiss Cottage, but accelleration saw me right both times. :slight_smile:

say he who has to fill up between the M25 and north circular :Dwelcome to Lb mate :slight_smile:

Hello mate - riding in London is top! :slight_smile:

It was much better that I had feared.:slight_smile: