Hi, Indian Biker here

Hi all, My name is Abhinai (age 23, nickname: abhi) and I am a design student currently living in Epsom, Surrey. I landed up in LB while surfing and found the content flowing in here, really informative and encouraging. Not to mention, I love bikes:P and have a bikers club of my own back in India (www.nowbikers.com)

Like many, wish to have a super sports some day and ride on the motorways of Britain. Currently, I have no bike:crying: but use to ride Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

Last february, got a chance to visit London Motorcycle Show 2008 and had a time of my life;)

Some videos of LMS 2008 I shot:





Regarding Biking culture in India, I’ll recommend everyone to visit http://www.thegreatindianroadtrip.com to know what Indians rides, where they and how they ride. :slight_smile:

Hope to have a good time here and meet some good biker buddies.

hey welcome to LB bro :Dsee you out soon

when will you be getting a bike then ?

Hello and welcome to LB mate. :slight_smile:

hi there, I so wanna ride again, but my student budget doesn’t allow much to go out and have fun. may be in future I will buy my dream :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, BTW which bike is that in your avtar pic:)?

Hi and welcome aboard.

Honda VFR800A

welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome to LB.

thank you all for this warm welcome:)

As I am considerably new to (super)biking compare to many other pro members here, pardon me if i ask something plain stupid sometimes in forum:P

welcome to LB tiger :smiley:


@sincere -thank you :slight_smile:

@firebladepaul- hello mate, would love to know which bike you own?

Welcome to LB, I am around the corner from you in Coulsdon, shame you are not riding at the moment, maybe you should consider the possibilities of hiring a bike for a long weekend and join a ride out…


(When I first read the title of your post, I thought you meant “Biker who rides an Indian (brand) bike”, not “Biker of Indian (country) descent” :smiley: Thought we’d got a message from Anthony Hopkins:):))

Hello and welcome!

Hi Redz, good to see you. thats great that we are almost neighbours;)

Regarding renting a bike, I have that in my mind but as you know I have my Indian License with me and I still need to apply for a UK license. But I have heard that one can ride/drive on his country license for one year from the time of his arrival in UK, is that true?

hahaha…ya one can misjudge the real content of the topic Benelli Boy:D and me = anthony hopkins??? lolz

thanks lustfish:)