Hi I'm Newish

Hi LB’sAfter mixing it on a Vespa for as long as I can remember (not that long then) I’ve just passed my direct access and I’m now looking for a proper bike for my 15 mile commute. I’m after something smallish, quick off the lights, low petrol consumption and low maintenance for 2-3 grand, oh and it’s got to look good- not much to ask then! Grateful for any advice, cheers.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Congrats on the DAS :wink:

A friend just bought a fazer. The R6 engine will see you off at the lights! He paid about 2800 on ebay for a good example about 18months old.

otherwise, a good old bandit!

good luck

Hi Graham

Thanks for the welcome, you were quick off the mark! Thanks for letting me know about the Bandit.

lessismore aka Dave

i and welcome aboard.

you will be hard pressed to buy a more reliable and useful bike than the bandit, very good price too…avoid all the messed with ones though, some are complete nightmares…


Welcome to Londonbikers… Hopefully see you at the Borough Market meet one Wednesday…:smiley:


Welcome to LB - good to have you on board.

Next bike - well it depends what you want engine wise and whether you want an up right commuter style or whether you want a sports style. The smaller engines are really good (obviously) for fuel consuption. Have you thought about a Honda CBF250? I have CBR400 and I think the old 400 range is brilliant (IMHO).

Go to the NEC in Birmingham in Oct/Nov. Have a a sit on a few. They may look great up front but your opinion may change if you are not comfortable.

Good luck


Thanks everyone. I’m off to try a couple of bikes tomorrow. So much choice!