Hi, im new.


As the name suggest i ride a cbr400rr (waits for the crys of ‘get a real bike’!)

Passed my das in december and commute everyday from islington/holloway to W1 and take it out on a sunday when the weathers nice.

Hope to attend some of the meets in the near future.


Hello mate. Nowt wrong with the bike, its a bike after all. You have to start somewhere and personally I love 400’s. Welcome to LB.

Hey Jon, welcome to LB, and biking! You are also our 1,000th member so congratulations and thank-you There’s a set of stickers in it for you if you want! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum!

Hiya mate n welcome to the madhouse.

Is that a baby blade you got there? One of my all time favourite bikes.

Anyway get you card across the bar buddy n get the beers in, mines a pint of methanol.

Welcome aboard, echo above - nowt wrong with 400’s seen many an NC30 and CBR400 put much bigger/newer tackle to shame…

1000th member!

Thanks for the welcome.

Have just added a pic to the end of the members gallery.

Btw, I had a VFR400 NC24 as my first bike, loved it!

hey there mate, welcome to LB, nothing wrong with ya bike!!

hiya welcome, 400’s are fun bike anyway

Hello and welcome… Its ok hyperlink I am off to the mountain bike section again…

Make sure you do bloody cheek of it!!

Welcome CBR400RR! (that sounds a bit Bladerunner to me)

Be proud of your bike.

You’re one of the lucky ones.

You could be a car driver!!!

Welcome mate, CBR400 great beginners bike, more than enough and fantastic fun. I`d be happy screaming around on that.


And welcome…

Are you ready for the nuthouse…

ps… mojito please…

Welcome mate and congrats on the 1000th member. Been lots of talk about who that might be, and look :0 it’s you !


welcome in from another newbie, nice bike…

HEY HEY…!!! welcome mate and great lookin ride you got there…please…sit down and get comfy…

this site will take over your life…lol!!!..ohhh…or is it just me…?

anyways, vimto for me please!!!


Ello Jon, welcome to LB