Hi I am new to biking

Will be over to BM tonight say hello to me please

hi and welcome. what r u riding and what do u look like :stuck_out_tongue:

hiya :smiley:

see ya lata:P

I only past my test last week so I am on my Ducati Desmosedich RR

I am as Black as the ace of Spades you will not miss me

Nice bike. What production number is it?
You can park it next to my Tron bike :smiley:

yeah but not too close to my batmobile :hehe:


Why are you taking the Pi-s out of me I have not seen any of you O A P yet I am only 20 It’a not fair

:laugh: u call that taking the pi-s

To right leve the kid alone let him/her meet some of us before we take the P…s. Good to see you tonight

ok ok… sorry see you at BM and i was taking the pi-s out of alex :wink:

Welcome aboard, Beanzy. I would have gone to BM to meet you but unfortunately I had to give the gf a lift home from work, and she doesn’t like stopping off at BM on the way :crazy: