hi ho

looks a good one:)

Morning all, your up early Tug.

good morning tug

morning johnp

morning all

ride safe

Morning all

Yes nice this morning, a tad windy, but nice

Morning LBs, enjoy the ride in. :smiley:

Morning all :slight_smile:

Morning folks.

Three more days. :smiley:

Morning Tug, morning all :smiley:

Where’s the roll call you senile ol’ git? :w00t:

Morning, cant wait for Saturday - got a date in the shed with the welder and some steel.

Morning all…:slight_smile:

Good morning all :slight_smile:

Morning troops.

A tad cooler this morning but still a nice ride into work.

Off to BM later so may see a few of you there;)

Morning all :smiley:

Havent met the elusive Tugs yet, hmmmm curious… EVERYONE likes you :smiley:

Morning Tug… was thinking it’s about time you got some beauty sleep, looks like you’ve finally passed out :smiley:

Ahh it’s nice and cool today, could do without all the cloud though.

Elusive!! Is he? He’s bloomin everywhere, can’t get rid of the ol’ fart! :stuck_out_tongue:

Morning all. Slow start today.

Morning Gavin

sorry i meant Tugs :slight_smile:

Morning all :slight_smile:

its dangerous out so be careful dont want any of you to crash