hi guys

Hi guys,

My name is Zeb and im originally from east london but moved last august to manchester for work, but will be moving back next year.

I just passed my module 2 test today! really chuffed. Need to save for a bike now…fancy a gixxer 600 ;).

Christ man, a Gixxer 600 as your first bike? Nuts!

Welcome to the funny farm :wink:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Congratulations on passing your module 2!

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi welcome

congrats great feeling passing

that a more of a 2/3/year bike your going for but take it easy ride safe you may just make it, gs500/ cb500 more 1st big bike to slide about on :smiley: good luck

Hi Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome…:slight_smile:
well done too!

:slight_smile: hello, well done, welcome

hi and welcome mate… LOL @funny farm :smiley:

btw a gixxer6 might be abit too much for a first big bike but depends on the wrist/brain maturity :wink:

Welcome to LB.

Don’t listen to them, you should change the sprockets on it too :wink:


Gixer 600 is too much! 600… even may be 800 - but not a sport bike for the first season. My opinion. my expirience. my feeling :slight_smile:

Congratulations anyway!

thanks for the welcome guys…i am on a restricted licence so was thinking about restricting the gixxer…i know i know some people liken it to castration but i thought that if i restrict it for 1 year and a half it will get me used to riding a big bike without all the power so that when its derestricted at least i will be a bit used to the bike.

Dont know if that makes sense…whats everyones opinion? My mate started on a 250 ninja and said that it was a great starter bike…

A lot better, than gsxr600 i think :)))

welcome have to say gsxr 600 for a first bike big NO NO i know they look well cool but think about that 1 dude go through the ranks as such :smiley:

Hello and welcome, have fun.