Hi guys

Should have done this ages ago - completely forgot I had registered.

Not been riding that long, passed my test in August 05 and never looked back. For not being passed for long, I’ve had a go on several bikes: Kymco125, CBR125RR (owned), several versions of the ER-5 (incidentally, my first day on a 500CC for DAS was fantastic), F650GS (owned - but got bored very quickly), R850R Classic - currently running. Also had the F800S on occasion, generally when bike in for service. I think you can probably see a pattern forming here.

I seem to be quite attached to BMW bikes or sometimes known as Pipe and Slippers bikes, and at 32 it would appear I am the youngest in any BMW rideout.

I am at the other end of the country but do venture down South on occasion, not on the bike as yet, thats next years plan - try and get futher south than Edinburgh on the bike.

Infact thats probably going to be my New Year Resolution.

Anyway, take care all and ride safe.

Hi there,

You have the honour of having displaced me from the top of the newbie list!

Welcome, …

Bit of BMW bonding going on here, let me get a bucket of water

welcome Biker74

Hello and welcome, pull up a chair and have a virtual drink with us… Just one things its hello guys and gals (there are some girlies on here too)

welcome to the site.

Welcome and Happy New Year

welcome to LB

welcome to lb .74

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to LB

ill never forget charlies old mans beema pulling a crowd in the services on the way to france…

They walked strait past my GSX-R with out a second glance and proceeded to twiddle there sivery beards around the GS1200…

welcome to the site dude…

Welcome to LB

hello there

enjoy yourself and be happy