hi guys

have posted up a virtual bar in general, but heres another for the moto"s, ill even throw in chasers with ya pints!! fill ya boots guys. heres my ride:

Very nice bike, welcome :slight_smile:

Wow thats yummy! Where you based?

The Breakfast Club has more than a few SM’s in it. We be doing the gig over at the Ace Cafe on Sunday…After the Breakfast Club ride out, of course! :wink:

iam as far south as you can go without getting wet…!! not sure about the ace thing yet, poss going out for a blast and some offroad…dunno.

welcome friend :smiley: cool bike there.

what have you not done to your bike. it looks sooooooo nice. you can chuck that my way wen ya finished wiz it:laugh:

cheers mate… mods are:

gas flowed head

factory camshaft

slipper clutch


full ti akrapovic

major airbox mod

pro taper bars

ktm factory hand guards (newly fitted)

brembo radial master cylinder

320 wavy disc

gold talon hubs black excel rims with dunlop mutants

now has black engine cases

painted frame

powdercoated, subframe,yokes,bar clamps,kickstarter,rear brake lever,side stand.

anodised forks

race rear fender and edge 2 led rear light

prob some other bits that ive forgotten, bike is making 64.8bhp at the wheel. goes well:D

Crikey! (Says Sneaky, dragging his ol’XR6 back to the swamp he found it in :blush: ):smiley:

dude, a moto"s a moto, some are shiny some aint…it matters not as long as you have one!!! ive spent a fair few quid on my creation, but i love it. best bike ive owned and ive had some…R1"S gixxers ducatis milles…blah blah blah. none does what these moto"s do and none have given me so much pleasure.:smiley:

Aint-that-the-truth! I cant get 100yrds from my garage door on my ratty ol’XR6 wi’out grin’nin like a fool! (Yeah, yeah :stuck_out_tongue: )


selling the above pictured bike £3000-£4500 can be supplied in any spec according to budget… ONLY selling as ive bought a 560smr (my dream bike!)

Hello chris,Alans still after another bike after selling the XT,i know he was well impressed with the KTM after his little test ride ,i will let him know its up for sale ,are you still interested in selling the handguards.mick

thought a 660 was your dream bike:P:hehe::w00t:

since when???

yes mick we need to hook up sometime m8…i might be up surrey way (oxted) on saturday??