Hi guys, long term rider - new member!

How’s it going.

I’m John, living in the sunny, beautiful south east of London (cough).

I currently own a VFR750FM - lovely motor. I’ve previously owned the following:

Got starter off on a YZFR125 - good little bike, got written off on a roundabout between two cars, ouch

I swiftly moved onto an SV650 - great first big bike, was tired though so didn’t own it for more than 18 months

The I moved onto my Street Triple R - I did a lot to this bike, exhaust went from standard to Arrows to an SP Engineering lowboy, Sargent seat, bar risers, SW Motech frame sliders, fork bobbins, Acerbis hand guards, Gixxer rear pegs…there was more I’m sure!

I sold this after two years or so and then bought an R1 - low miles, FSH, went like stink…aaaaaand got nicked within 14 days of me owning it. Gutted is not the word.

I needed a bike so bought an SV1000 - always wanted one and it was just right. I also bought a project bike (another VFR750) with the spare cash, that is currently laid up feeling sorry for itself but is going to be turned into a street fighter, you gotta ignore how good it looked in the photo, it was literally a shed, everything wrong with it and every last inch of it was tatty



So the SV got sold as it was getting me into trouble, all that torque coupled with silly good handling as standard has me scraping pegs on the way to work, not good. I bought an absolutely mint low mileage VFR750 which started like this

And now looks like this (black seat, white wheels, clear double bubble, delkevic exhaust (high level is going back on when the new car turns up), clear indicators anddddd…erm, forgotten what else!

It has a little fairing damage but I’m getting it repaired, whole bike’s getting resprayed in white with some cool decals

So anyway that’s my bike history! I usually go for rides up to Ryka’s on the weekend if anyone else does?

Welcome John, you’ve owned some pretty neat bikes.

Welcome! I’ll think you’ll fit right in with the rest of the nutters! Keep an eye out on the ride out section a few will be heading or passing through box hill.

Hello John gotta new motor :ermm:

They all look far to clean. Get yourself out on a Jetstream bimble, we’ll sort you out and have your bike looking proper used in no time :Whistling:

Welcome to LB

Hello, and thanks for the pictures and intro. Welcome!

Thanks all, I’ll be poking my nose into some threads soon…hope you all had a good weekend!

best intro thread I’ve seen in ages

Welcome and nice intro!

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB, real shitter about the R1… You’ve had some nice bikes :cool:

Nice bikes. do you ride any of them?

Welcome to LB.

Hmm… I think Mr Jets is of the opinion that they all look far too clean and shiny :unsure:

Welcome to LB.