Hi from yet another newbie

Hi all,

I’ve just registered as you all seem very friendly if a somewhat crazy bunch :smiley:

I live in East London, passed my A2 last year and am still pottering around on my trusty 125. Have been off the road for a few months after badly spraining my thumb (long story) and am itching to get back to playing dodgems on my usual commute but for now I’m just taking it easy and brushing up on my road skills and dreaming of what bike I’m going to get once my restriction’s over.

Hope to meet some of you when I can finally attend a Newbie Night :slight_smile:

Welcome fellow east londoner :smiley: Atleast you are on the right side of the river :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcomez from a fellow East Londoner …

We’ll let that go but she’s an Essex girl really :wink:


HA HA HA HA HA HA Hackney is not essex :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong on both counts I just ride through one and visit the other :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome guys


You know what they say Art. THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX!..:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB Sweeny - love that avatar:D

I think I’m gonna have to have a look at this ‘The only way is Essex’ just so I can understand all the jokes everyone makes!:ermm:

Welcome :slight_smile:

ltl_smasher (08/04/2011)

Well I asta tip me 'at t’ya Missy, ya done sand too much like da Acne gels ar’new :wink:

giva take firty od yeer we cood abin nabers, I’s a Shawlditch lad meself :hehe:

Welcome to LB!!

Art (09/04/2011)

:laugh: It took me so long to understand that bit of cockney I had to look it up on Google Translate! :w00t: Sorry but I wasn’t born within the sound of the Bow bells unless you could’ve heard them from W’stow, so I suppose that means I’m not really a cockney lass…

Thanks Jetstream, it’s kinda how I feel on my 125 when bigger bikes whiz past me :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome hope to see you at BM one night


welcome mate…hope that thumb’s feeling better;)

Totally what she said! :wink:

Drats and there was me trying to be anonymous :smiley: Yes it’s much better and I’m back on the bike and lovin it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome and East is always best :stuck_out_tongue: