Hi from the new guy!

Been looking for a while and now joined.

Ive’ got a (2000) zx12r and don’t get out as much as i should!

Yearly run to Le Mans with the guys from work for the GP is the highlight of the year, although we went to the Nurburgring this year.

See ya all soon.


shall we start again Olly…LOL

psst…go into the other post, then edit and then delete it…your secret is safe with me

all the best and welcome newbee

he just wants twice as many people to say hello

Hi and welcome abaord.

Hey Olly, welcome to LB! Post up some snaps of your 12 in the Pictures forum for us!

Hello Olly, from one Newb to another.
(Mk II version )

Welcome to LB, it would be great to see you at our next newbie meet at the ace on 4th December.

poke BANG poke, slap SLAP.


Welcome, welcome.

aye up m8 newbie here myself! good site!!!

Ahhh… ZX12R… I remember trying to keep up with one of those… fricking fast! hehe Welcome to LB!

Welcome fella.

Think there are a lot of us who don’t get out as much as we would like Ce la vie

Welcome to the site fella ! See you at the newbie meet!


I will try and post some pics. I will see you all up the Ace and say “Hi”. Thanks for warm the welcome.

Good Morning Welcome to LB

I am new here too, so hi from me

Hope to see you up @ the Ace on Monday!


Poke poke n SMACK with da newbie stick

Welcome to LB dude

Drinks on you
Da artist

Nice to have met you at the Ace. You’ve done the hard bit, now you can just come out for fun

Hopefully see you at the christmas bash.

Cool bike by the way

Hi and welcome.nice ride you got there

Ahhhhhhhh! you have the fast green one.

On zx-12.org the green ones are called “the fast ones” ( by some :crying) It’s just a bit of banter between members. Kawasakis should be green