hi from spain

hello to all…

i m Eric Bougelet, belgian, former world championship supermoto rider…living now in Spain, near Alicante

i follow racing in spanish championship and also i organize supermoto events i the area and also supermoto school…www.supermotoacademy.com

bye for now


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Are you trying to sell me something ??

Welcome Eric.

Is this you?

hi Garret, yest it s me, few years ago…i think in 2005…:slight_smile:

Welcome Eric and am sure you’ll meet some likeminded supermoto folks on here also. There is a SM section, and also an Off Road section too.

Also a few people enjoy riding to the continent, so will no doubt be pleased to have information on your school etc

Enjoy the forum!



Remember that if you are proposing anything commercial (such as a training school) on these forums other than something simply ‘For Sale’ or ‘Wanted’, it’s probably a good idea to check with forum administrators (e.g. either andrew&7 or MacP) that you are allowed to do so; they can also help you to promote whatever it might be.

On the site: http://londonbikers.com/directory/category/73/dirt-supermoto

Oooooooooooh sweet smr and twin akra’s and devtech swing arm B)
welcome to lb :slight_smile:

hi mad dog…yes…have the chance to have still good contact in factory,…so had a good bike lasts years