Hi From Rayleigh Eseex

Hi im Darrel from Rayleigh Essex. Currently have a brand new CBF125 which ive been really impressed with. Have been riding for years. Had 180mph bikes before but just dont trust myself on anything fast as i cant seem to control myself :slight_smile:

I work in Stratford so do the A13 run every morning and eve. Sometimes do the A12 but there always seems to be more car drivers intent on killing me on that road.

Hi Darrel,

I probably see you on the A13. Is yours a black CBF?


welcome darrel. :slight_smile:

Welcome Darrel,

Probably same as SimoninEssex I will see you from time to time on A13.



One more for the Essex Massive woop!!

Hi Thanks for the welcome. Mine is a Red/black one. You will notice me as 2 fat arse cheeks hanging over the seat and a really tatty blue rucksack dangling on my back. Oh and the fact you will be overtaking me as i cant go over 70 :slight_smile:

Yeah, that sounds familiar - think I’ve seen you (riding sensibly of courtse). That is quite a distance on a 125 though - I’d be tempted to ride something a bit larger…

The black one I was thinking passed me this morning. It’s an 11 plate and he was cutting in and out of traffic very “progressively”.

So you not breaking the highway limits than, it is good :stuck_out_tongue:
And it is more than enough for traffic from Marsh Way.

I try to remember bike and backpack…

Probably see you about too. I’m on the A13 everyday day too, joining at Lodge Avenue (by the flyover). Yeah, definitely prefer A13 to A12, wider, more room to filter, no stopping at lights/roundabouts and usually flowing more freely.

Amen to that, i much prefer the A13 also…

wohoo the A13 massive:laugh:

You in a good mood :wink:

Hi and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Yep its as far as I would ever go on a 125 on a daily basis. the seat gets a bit uncomfortable after a while. I used to have a Burgman 400 and that was very comfy. Also i find the smaller bikes harder to ride. The weight of a bigger bike smooths out any jerkiness in my riding. the small bike being so twitchy shows every little wobble, especially in the wind between Tilbury and Dagenham.

hi welcome aboard