Hi from me

Got back on to a bike last Autumn after nearly 30 years break, I was riding an XS250 Yamaha then - usual story, pranged my bike nearly killed myself, got a car.

Bought myself a YBR 250 last Oct, upgraded to a Fazer 600 end of June this year.(My wife gave me “the look” when I hinted at getting a 1000 Fazer, so i will stay put for a while) I have been on some rideouts with Gem and Tim the Vicar and regret not getting back to biking earlier.

Hope to see some of you soon.

Hi Kevin and welcome to LB i had a 15 year break myself wish i had never left biking i am loving it. Where you based mate? I am near ilford/ Romford.

Hi Steve

Based in Borehamwood Herts.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi :slight_smile: welcome to LB :slight_smile:

****** he found us


hmm at least you not wearing the shell suit

good to see you and have fun and hope all is ok

Aaaaayyyy Rat fans!!!

I thought I ought to wear my number one suit, as I need to make a good impression for lady gerbils!

Welcome to the Madhouse Gerbil! :slight_smile:

HI welcome to LB,:smiley:

30 year break!? Wow that’s super Epic. Must have felt good firing up that bike again…

Welcome to LB finally. :smiley: