Hi from Herts / North London

Hello everyone, just registered and thought I’d introduce myself.

Recently just purchased a CBR600RR after about 10 years of not riding. Starting searching the web for info and came across this site which has been great.

I live in Welwyn but spend a large chunk of my life in Tottenham (work). Now the weather has improved I have been using the bike for the commute, much more fun than sitting bumper to bumper.

Hopefully I’ll be along to the next newbies night at the Ace and then come out on some of the weekend rides.


Morning and welcome, very nice bike! Definitely get yourself along to the next newbie night, 1st Monday of each month, 5th May is the next one.

Hello and welcome …

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome from the Watford massive :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!


hi, i am a bit up the road from you, in stevenage


Hi & welcome to the madhouse :smiley:

Hello and welcome!

Welcome Doss.

I ride in Herts a lot.