Hi from Heathrow

Well, been playing around on the forum and though I’d actually register, my Mrs (Rides a snot green Kwaka!) also joined not too long ago so thought I’d see what the fuss is!! Well as you can guess I’m from round Heathrow, currently got a 2003 R1, had it for about 3 years or so now, and its racking just under 55k on the clock, still going only just, when it wants to work!! Went on the Ace Café toy run Sunday, as the Mrs woke me up at 9am, and saw a thread about it and saw my leaky bike in one of the pics!

So now for the obligatory pictures!

(Thumbnails BTW)

Hope to get a few of you and get out on some rides, obvs once weather picks up again!!

hey welcome to you both :slight_smile:

Welcome Chris. Nice R1, that tint on the screen sets it off well.

Cheers, unfortunately screen is translucent red, it came with the bike, but still haven’t got rid of it even tho it drives me mad as it vibrates so much!! Lol

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Hello mate welcome to LB, nice choice in bike :P, saw your bike on the hospital run, looks clean…