Hi from East London

Hi guys.

Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member.

My name is Jag, from Manor Park in East London, recently moved to Newbury Park in Essex/Ilford.

Been riding for 2 years, currently got a Yamaha R1.

Look forward to meeting up and riding.



Your not far from me. I’m in Hornchurch, I play Football in Newbury Park (Fords Sports Club, Aldborough Road South)

Welcome to LB, another Essex rider to add to our Massive :smiley:

Welcome, brutha!


is Newbury Park Essex



Newbury Park in the London Borough of Redbridge :Whistling:

Newbury park is classed as Ilford so is a London Borough with an essex postcode like romford

but not proper essex

No, cos we use the met police and not essex :smiley:

I live in London Borough of Redbridge, have Ilford post code and is still listed as Essex, (originally from Chelmsford)

Welcome to LondonBikersDotCom

Its not as if you need to be born, educated, living or working in London to post here.

If you pay your rates to a London Borough then you live in London. If you also have a county name in your address line it will be a left over from the London County Council days which predate The London Government Act of 1963. You’re still in London and a Londoner, stand up and be counted.