Hi from East London!!

Hi there. i’m Kizzy and I am in East London trying to find out where I can meet like minded people.

Although I do not ride myself, I was raised as a teenager in a biker gang in Leamington Spa and also hung out with some bikers in Derbyshire when I was there.

Over the years I have drifted and recently I have realised that I would rather hang out with Bikers than so-called “normal” people. I feel quite lonely, and so does my hubby.

So anyone wanna take pity on a couple of wannabes and make contact then PLEASE do!! I am disabled now and so is my daughter, so my poor hubby often needs time out and some guys to hang out with and I need some new female friends.

You know it was watching wife swap a few weeks back when a biker lady swapped with a miss houseproud. In the end the biker lady proved that friendship was paramount. It made me feel homesick for the great times I have had with people who have that open, loyal and down to earth outlook on life.

Anyway enough of the weepy stuff

Please let me know where we can make first comtact. I am hoping that this forum is a great place to start. Any Bikers who also like live role playing will be seriously welcomed wth open arms by Doug as he is an LRP junkie :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. i hope you like my ride

Hi & Welcome Kizzy - I was born and bred in Leamington Spa

You will find what are looking for on here - we have a ‘newbie nite’ coming up on Monday at the Ace cafe - if you can get yourself along it will be nice to see you

Hello and Welcome Kizzy

Hiya, got here in the end from bikersweb? lol.


Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB Kizzy

Thanks guys for your welcome. Yeah John i made it!! Wanted to get my picture done first!! You like my ride? Gets me around. LOL!! Not quite a Harley!!

Love ur ride, is that a underslung zorst u got going on there recon its a fighter in the making

I’d love to come to a newbie night, but will have to wait till the school hols, unfortunately. Where is the Ace Cafe? Which part of London. I couldn’t get the link I saw posted to work.

Thanks for the welcome. it means a lot to me.

hey welcome to lb!

Hi and welcome to the Madhouse


Hi Kizzy, welcometo LB

Sorry if it’s a stupid question but what’s Live Role Play about ??


hey there kizzy welcome to the forum

hi and welcome to lb

Hi guys. Live role play is kind of acting out dungeons and dragons. People dress up in silly costumes, camp for a weekend and rough it, whilst plotting and beating each other and monsters up with latex weapons. My hubby is really keen on it, and a lot of bikers go as well… at least quite a few attend events.

The two main companies are Lorien Trust and Curious Pastimes. CP can be found at www.curiouspastimes.co.uk here’s a you tube clip from a Lorien trust meet. There are lots of different groups who rival each other. The one I have listed here is called the Vipers. They tend to be sneaky and into dodgy “In character” stuff.

Lorien trust is the biggest in the UK and hold most of their main events in Derbyshire, about 3 hours drive from London.

Curious Pastimes, which I personally prefer as I hate the guy who runs LT Andy (I think I am better than everone else) K*** I won’t say his whole name for obvious reasons. But many people also dislike it and Curious Pastimes was set up by a group of people who also dislike Andy. Their events are held all over England but their main event Renewal is held in Hemel Hempstead which is about an hour from East London. Its really good fun and if you like dressing up and having a ball drinking Mead, camping out and beating people up with latex weapons than I can’t recommend it more highly.

Hope this helps and thanks for being so welcoming you guys. You have been great!!

BTW me and hubby really looking forward to going to the Ace one weekend. We just need a night when we’ve got a babysitter!!

Here is a battle at Curious Pastimes. You can see some proper action here! Hope you enjoy

And a troll…

for some reason, i was expecting something a bit kinky

Expecting or hoping?