Hi from Chiswick

Hi I’m Sophie,
I’m currently living in Chiswick but I’m from Yarm in Teesside (North East).
Currently have a Orange Ninja ZX6R and a white/Silver GSXR 600.



Good morning, Welcome to LB :cool:

awaits thread explosion

Hello … Not far from me … Welcome to LB … Enjoy !
You can also join us at LB Weekly Meeting at Borough Market: http://londonbikers.com/forums/183106/The-Weekly-LB-Meet-at-Borough-Market!

Welcome, that’s one very bright orange bike :smiley:

Hi and welcome, I know some girls in Essex who are the same colour as your ninja :smiley:

Haha thankx :slight_smile:

Yes its met. orange or as the number plate sayss Ginger Ninja lol.
Was an impulse buy a few weeks ago to add to my Gixer lol.
Oooh excellent ill try get there tonight then. Work ion Leatherhead so not back until about 6pm on evenings but ill try.

welcome :wink:

Hey I’m going to pop down to this meet how will I know who ppl are as I’ll be coming on my own? :smile:

just look for all the bikes and park near them, Me Groovy (The weirdo without the bike:D) will spot your ginger ninja and welcome you I am sure, otherwise everyone is pretty friendly, so just say Hi.

Welcome to LB, was good to meet you at BM.

I am sure you were well looked after if you attended…:smiley:

Hi and welcome!


ps. how the heck i missed that at BM ?

Hi and welcome to LB. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the LB family !

by leaving :stuck_out_tongue:

oh dear…

On the other hand I wasn’t late… maybe faster bike is required.


Blade. (13/03/2014)

oh dear … maybe faster bike is required.



You needs a Bonne blade

Was not me who was late that day :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi & welcome to the madhouse :smiley:

I heard about your road recovery skills, well done :wink:

Welcome! I used to live in Chiswick - awesome place. Great for getting out of London quickly too on the A3…

I’m in North London now but should see you at the BM meet ups either tonight or next week if you’re there. Not sure I can make it tonight yet, as the Bike’s at home and I’ve got a conference call until 7:30…