Hi from a South East Newbie

Hi Guys & Gals. I have been a member for about a year now but never got round to meeting up or riding out until now.

I have been riding for about 7 years (commuting to work). Have done a couple of track days and a few tea shop runs on a Sunday morning.

Candy (My GSXR) has threatened to leave me if i dont take her out for a good fun run. I will be going to the Mayday run tomorow so hope to see you there.

Not sure what time as its my first. Any one in the Lewisham, Bromley or surrounding area going? What is a good time and place to meet up?

Hi and welcome aboard.

Why not come to the Ace cafe tomorrow night for newbie night, i`ll be there from 6pm.

Welcome to LB.
I’m a newbie myself… living near Bromley.

welcome to the site, im not too far from you, im 16 mins down the A2 in Chatham. Might be going on the Mayday Run, not sure yet.

Hello and welcome

helloo and welcome!!!

Hello…I am in south east…Redhill, well near it any ways…

was thinkng about going up for the newbie meet tommorrow night…but i get lost everytime i try to get to Ace

Hi and welcome to the site. I’m in the South East too.

Welcome to Lb mate. Loads of us in SE London.