Hi from a Lambretta fan

Down at Box Hill yesterday, speaking to a biker who recommended this site, thought i would pay a visit to see if the prejudices still exist

I am into Lambrettas with a passion have ridden continiously for 25 years since i was 16, ride every day, do over 12000 miles a year, have ridden over most of europe, the sahara, and india, raced enduros, and did moped racing for a laugh

took my tv200 out for a 160 mile trip today.

Hi to all

Hi there and welcome to LB…

now where did i put that newbie stick…

aah found it

poke poke…



Hi David, and welcome to LB from a Vespista! Am also a Ducatista, but Vespista first and foremost. That’s some serious mileage you’re doing! I can only get about 8k a year, and that’s kilometres!

And, sorry to say, but there is an element even here who look down on scooters and scooterists. Most people, though, are OK and actually sound sincere when they say it doesn’t matter what you ride, if it’s got two wheels and an engine, you’re a biker. Some people even ride scooters as their main PTW, and only take out the big bikes at weekends.

Hello davidblythe, welcome to LB! None of those prejudices here, though of course I don’t think anyone can guarantee a total lack of good natured humour We have a number of scooterists and openly welcome riders of all bikes. LB is about making something new for bikers, not just a rehash of the same usual garbage…

Feel free to post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forums so we can recognise you. We have a regular meet on Wednesday nights at a Cuban bar called Cubana in Waterloo, check out the general chat forum for more info!

Hello and welcome to LB! I got a scooter myself and love it. It’s not quite a lambretta though… I’d love one! Hope to see you at the Cubana’s mate

Welcome mate … I was a vespa rider for a couple of years before I got my 600.

If you brought a Lambretta to one of the meets, I for one would be right over there drooling over it.

I got a lambretta shoes, does it count??? lol

Hey there fella… Welcome to LB… Two wheel is two wheels to us…

Hello and Welcome to LB.

Enjoy LB mate and WELCOME!!!