Hi Everyone

Hello Everyone,

My names Chris. I’m very new to riding having recently completed the direct access course achieving my full licence. Just purchased a 2010 Yamaha XJ6 S which I picked up last weekend.

Couldn’t have picked a better time for it!!

I see you guys meet up on a Wednesday at Borough Market. Not sure when I can get a free evening but Ill try to head down one Wednesday and say Hi. I don’t really know anyone else in London who rides so it would be good to get to get to know some like minded people who are into their bikes.


Hi and welcome :smiley:

Welcome to LB … I’ll see you on Wednesday.

Hi and welcome to another Chris, we should set up a Chris club, seems to be a lot of us on here


Hi and welcome!


welcome to the gang

I was on a scuba diving trip once, there were 10 of us, 7 of us were called Chris! That was confusing. There must be something about the name “Chris” that makes us want to do exciting things like motorcycling, scuba diving, etc.

Welcome aboard, surfingsofas Chris :cool: