Hi everyone

Hello all you LB members you. My names Matt, I ride a yuan 125 (yes i know take the **** i’m poor what can i say). Only sorted my CBT on saturday so as new as they come, coudn’t wait any longer to get signed up and join my brother (huskybites). My uncle took me for a ride up to the Ace on saturday night and i think i’ve got the bug already. Now, I know my uncles got a bit soft in his old age but i’m here now so all you feckers that like to take the p*ss i’m looking forward to meeting you all:P

Oh my uncles Rioting Rob:cool:

Hi and welcome, bet you can ride better than yer uncle already:D

Welcome to LB young man, Just in time for sundays rideout too:cool:

He’s a nutter:w00t: I got a long way to go to get to his level:hehe::hehe:

Nice to know another new rider here, hi! :smiley:

Hi and welcome :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB


welcome to londonbikers - hope to meet you at one of our meets or newbie night

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome! ill see you on sundays 125 rideout :cool:

Hello and welcome…:smiley:


i like newbies,lol

Welcome aboard newbie :slight_smile:

Thank god our bikes are smaller than he’s not so hard to get past them gaps lol
and welcome to london bikers brother.

im going on the sunday ride out hope to see you there.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Just remember when you pull up, sidestand sidestand sidestand … I’ve been told ‘someone’ forgot that once…


welcome & enjoy.

met your uncle just that one time. still recovering.