Hi everyone


saw a sticker on one bike some time ago and decied to explore the site. Liked it a lot and joined.

I’ve got a full license one year ago but have been riding for a little longer; some 20 years ago I participated in youth mx and enjoyed it a lot until my mum vetoed it on the grounds of safety.

I mainly use my bike for commuting from Oxford (home) to London (work). So far I have skipped not more than 5 days out of my year’s commute, mainly due to illness (but have to be at work) or celebratory events (lots of drink). I’m looking for improving my skills (a machine control day is an excellent idea) and generally good advice in everything related to bikes/binking. I currently own a new FX-6 Fazer (two months old, 3.7k miles on clock), before owned a faired '01 Horned 600.

Welcome to LB :cool:

Hello :slight_smile:

welcome to lb

hello and welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB


hi and welcome:D

Hi and welcome. Sounds like a healthy commute.

Hi and welcome! I used to live in Oxford, that’s a fair old commute you do every day!