Hi Everyone

Hello - Im pretty new to bikes, more used to cars but I had enough of getting the train to work and bought a battered old CG125 from someone at work for £400 and I ride to London everyday on it from Crayford, its sooooo much better than getting a train!

I ride down the A2, canary wharf, limehouse link, lower thames st, embankment & up to Tottenham Court Road so if you see an N reg CG thats got wonky indicators, a big dent on the tank with a 6’3 bloke on it thats me

Im planning on riding the CG for a year and then once I’ve past my test Im hoping to get a K4 GSXR 750 but I might keep the CG for going to work on Oooooh the pain!

Hey ya…

welcome to LB!

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Welcome, nothing wrong with a CG if you ask me, had one for 15 months.

Cheers! I’d like to come to one of the meets that’d be good, I’ll check out the meets section. I do quite like riding it actually, its on its 2nd engine since I’ve had it as I lost the use of the gears on the 1st one - I managed to get 72mph out of it going down the A2 though so thats probably why Im on the 2nd engine now

I just ride it for what it is now & try not to give it too much of a hard time - only troucle is I get really annoyed when i have to sit in traffic in my car now ha ha

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Get a Cagiva Mito you’ll see much more than 72mph on the mito…then again you would probably be on your 100th engine by now if you managed to blow up a CG

Hey there fella, welcome to LB!

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Welcome to LB mate your gonna love the 750 nearly as much as you’ll love LB

Im Da Artist your new and have just been POKED

Welcome mate… doesnt matter what u ride in london… beats sitting in traffic

welcome to LB

Enjoy !

Couldnt agree more - I love going past everyone as they sit and wait to get into the blackwall tunnel everyday