Hi everyone

I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone, this is a great site, podcasts are wicked.

I started biking last year taking my DAS and now the proud owner of a gixer 750 k5 which has turned my wife into a bikers widow!.

Hopefully meet up with some other members one day maybe at the ace or cubana.

cheers Jason

hey there…

welcome to LB

poke poke

with the newbie stick…


ps… get your wife a bike too!!!

It would be great if she joined me, i have tried.

Hi Jason,welcome to LB

Hi Jason and welcome. Mine is a cool virtual pint.

Hopefully…no hope abart it matey…get ya arse over and join the gang…

Hello and welcome to LB mate.

Cheers for the warm welcome Barro.

welcome mate and might i say what a fat bike you have…

I know i have the same bike

post some pics in members bikes


Hey Jason, welcome to biking, and LB!! That’s a fantastic bike you’ve got there, I’ve owned the same one before. The pillion seat is there for a reason, don’t leave the lady out of all the fun! Hope to see you at cubana some time. Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures & Video forum, eh!

Welcome to LB mate great choice of bike