Hi Everyone, what mid range bike should I go for?


passed my DAS last month in Chingford, no minors, huragh!!! but I’m still pottering around on my Jinlun 125-11 until I’ve saved up enough for a bigger bike in April. (Heaven forbid I turn up to one of your meets on my noisy little chug-a-lug).

I’ve been scouring bike trader for ages and was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a first mid-range bike.

So far I’ve been looking at 600’s, Fazer, Bandit, Ninja’s, I like the look of the post 2004 Fazers and the Bandits, but also see that SV650’s appear to be £500 cheaper.

What do you guys reckon

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Street triple all the way (I would say that because I’m biased)

And don’t worry about turning up with something sounding like a bag of nails… PJ has been doing that for ages! :w00t:

Looks nice, but without any fairing I’d get a bit cold when touring.

Also, quite a recent make and quite expensive for my £3000 budget, MCN rave about it though, sure you must love it, looks great fun!!!

Have you posted twice on this perhaps? :wink:

Try as many as you can and don’t buy before you’ve tried. IMO Street Triple is the best all round commuter and fun bike out there if you can afford it (I mean the insurance)… and the MT-03 is second best (but then I am a bit biased). :slight_smile:

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I’ve had no problems with by S reg Bandit at all (well apart from crashing once… ) which I recommend if you’re on a budget, you can have fun on it too and it’s easy to work on, however your budget probably opens a few more doors.

Hiya - welcome to LB :smiley:

I’m sure the SV650 brigade will be along soon - it’s a bit of a favourite around here :wink:

HI Guys, this has been great, certainly given me plenty to think about and I appreciate the time you’ve spent helping me, so thanks alot.

I’ll spend most of my time commuting so it appears that a bigger bike is out, (I’ll only spend about 2 or 3 weekends of the year touring) whereas I’ll spend 48 weeks commuting but there certainly seems to be much more out there than the typical Fazer, Bandit, Ninja options that I thought I was limited to.

Thanks everyone!!!

P.S. Yes, I did accidentally post this twice, doh!!! But for some reason the forum wouldn’t let me delete one of them.


Saw this FZ 6 for £2994. 5992 mileage and only 37 miles away from London

(0118) 9571977

every thing you mention sounds good, see wot comes along at the best deal etc there all good bikes.

wouldnt go paying too much/too new as a new rider you may drop it at some point, you may not but newer bike will hurt you and your wallet to repair etc.

Pegasus Kawasaki Oxford road Reading, thought I recognised the building got chased out of there years ago for slagging off a Z400 twin they were trying to sell a mate :cool:

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Hi and welcome . It would have to be the 675 triple :slight_smile:

As you are still relatively new to biking I’d suggest something a bit less sporty than a 675 for a starter.

You can do a lot worse than a Bandit 600. Good solid reliable jack of all trades:cool: