Hi Everyone - Newbie from N. London

Hi Everyone!

Names Dave - AKA - Brooksy. Own a Kawasaki ZX636 And boy am i glad to have found this site ! Look forward to meeting you all at the Ace Cafe and any events that are coming up.

Welcome aboard Be good to see you at the Ace

Hi and welcome Brooksy

Nice looking scoot m8

I’m in Cheshunt and sure i’ve seen you about.

welcome to LB - lovely looking bike

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard

Not far from me, i`m in East Barnet.

hiya, welcome to LB see you soon at the ace.

Hiya and welcome.

Thanks for the welcomes all, Been down to Waltham X motorcycles on a few occasions so no doubt you’ve seen me about chunky, i’ll hopefully see you around sometime :slight_smile:

Quite likely.

If you fancy a ride down to BM one Wednesday Evening gis a shout.

(Weather permitting:cool

Hi there.

Welcome to LB!!!

Maybe you see you at the Ace.

Welcome Bro

Waltham X Motorcycles are virtually on our doorstep

Hey Brooksy, welcome to LB! See you at the meets…

Thanks again for the welcomes, will be attending tonights meet, so hopefully meet some of you tonight

You and me both …

Ohh welcome to the forum

Hi & welcome… whereabouts in North London? There’s a bunch of us up here… much safer up north … nice bike… Q

Hi Q, thanks for the welcome, i’m in enfield, you nearby at all? Hopefully see you around

Saw your bike last night - have to say it looks great in the MSS livery - didn’t get chance to say Hi, so Hi

Should be down most weeks now, thanks to Curtis showing me how to get there, so can hopefully say hi and have a chat next week in person