Hi everybody / just had my first off

This site has been an invaluable source of info for me the past 18mths and thought it was about time I signed up and said hello & thanks!

Bit about me:
Passed my CBT April 2007 and been commuting from Harefield to Putney for the past 18mths on a Honda PS125i scooter. I finally took & passed the direct access in Sept this year and planned to get a bigger bike in the New Year.

First off this morning!
Set off this morning and hit a patch of black ice on a country road, just as I had ‘slowly’ completed a bend and opened up the throttle. My bike just went from under me and slid down the road for about 10metres with me close behind it. Luckily no cut’s or bruises as I was wearing all the right gear, which done a A+ job at seperating me from the tarmac. :smiley:
Three cagers drove passed without a second thought as well, manouvering round the bike in the middle of the road. Cheers guys! Don’t worry, as long as you get to work on time!

I commuted all last winter with no incidents, then we have one day of ice on the roads and I’m down like a sack of spuds. Mind you, the roads round here were well gritted last year and I haven’t seen a single truck out this way yet!

rant over, :wink:

Take it easy out there!
This winter’s gonna be a bitch!

glad to hear youre ok, dude - and welcome to the site!

happens to the best of us mate, and i agree, not 1 bit of grit here either, i live on a steep hill and you’d think they’d learn by now as 2 yrs ago when the snow was bad 2 busses and a lorry transporting cars all ended up sliding sideways down the hill :blink: what bike you thinking of as your 1st big’un then? :wink:

thanks guys.
Looking for a 600 to get me started. Perhaps a Hornet.

Yesterday I saw a dent at the bottom of the ramp descending into the metal rollerdoors of our office carpark…

Today the ramp was gritted. D’oh for whoever it was.

Welcome to the site.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hello mart_mcb and welcome

glad you are ok!! what about your scooter? it is damaged?


Welcome! Congrats on your first off, better it be a soft and slidey one than a hard and nasty one.

Hope the bike is OK.

As for slippy hills… why not fit a sanding device like trains have :smiley:

Hello and welcome.

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

glad your ok

Hi and Welcome to LB


hornet, naked bike, i like your style :cool:

Bad Luck on the off - good luck you ok! Hello!:slight_smile:

hello and welcome.

glad you’re ok

Sorry to hear that…

Not the hill on Breakspear road by any chance?? Had a fair few slides myself there over the years…:w00t:

welcome to lb, crashing is a learning curve :wink:

Hi Mart. Welcome to LB. Sorry to hear your slippy tale but glad you’re OK.

Got caught out just after the sharp right on Breakspear, past the woods - (heading in the Ruislip/Ickenham direction).

Spoke to the council, “Gritting Season” starts today, (Friday 31st), the trucks were all being prepped earlier in the week! If only mother nature would fit in with the council schedule.

Back in the saddle today, one day on the tube was enough for me! :smiley:

hello, eek sorry to hear about your off, hope your not too sore. welcome to the site

Well you’ve just passed your initiation.