Hi everyboby - Newbie on the block

Hi guys,

My name is Miguel , 37 years old and i´m from Portugal.

2 days ago was the first time i had a look on LB web site and i really enjoyed it

Cheers to all.

If want please check: www.miguelmoreira.net


Welcome, I check the site. She look nice, but I don’t understand :smiley:

When you come to London, you come to visit no?


No seu site, o link para aquele do Flores esta quebrado :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.
Another Miguel from Portugal on here now.

Hi welcome to LB

Thanks guys. Feels good to be received this way…:):):):):):slight_smile:

Soon my website will be in english also.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:


Hiya welcome to LB :slight_smile: