Hi de ho

Hey, realised I havent actually posted on this topic yet. Anyway passed my test around a month ago and joined here a few days before my test :P. I dont have many friends that are bikers or are still planning their cbt etc, any new riders wanna meet up sometime for a ride. I know alot of bikers don’t want to ride in this weather, but i know new bikers (like me) don’t care and just want to ride lol. Oh yeah, I live in central London too :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB! :slight_smile:

I passed in July, so I’m a fully qualified newbie - I’m up for it if you fancy a spin!


Hi and welcome! :D:D


Ive been riding 8 yrs and still cant get enough of it, the rush I get doing silly speeds along the m40 or poodling along at a brisk 30 still amaze me to this day. But what a way to start the day.

Keep at it and you will find tha your mates will find you.


hello and welcome

Hallo and welcome!:slight_smile: