HI DAD!!!!!!!

Guys, I just called my dad who now lives in Greece (lucky bugger) as I’ve been a bit slack what with all this lovely weather and being out on the bike, We haven’t spoken since before i was in Florida, ooops. Told him I’m still alive etc and he said

“I know, been keeping my eye on you”!!! He said I left this site in his favorites and came to see if I was still alive and he wants photos of my bike cos they don’t know what a fireblade is over there Bless him.

So please say Hi to Ray and Phyll (Mom and Dad) and tell them I ride sensible, never break speed limits and I’m a good girl Yeah, right, think he knows me a bit better than that LOL (that means “laughing out loud” dad!)

I’ll get a picy for ya of me and my bike tonight at Cubana bike meet in Waterloo xxx


Hiya Ray and Phyll,

She is a good girl … or just very good at not getting caught !

He`d believe the “very good at not getting caught” bit more

They are so cool, they are the ones who bought my personal plate for xmas about 3 years ago then I transfered it from the old hornet

By the way, found one of the bike for ya xx (you need to right click and “save as”)


Hello to the parents. Glad you have found a way to keep up with your daughter in her times of slackness over contacting you. I also hope that you like the forum.

I keep forgetting to log into skype He’s not a biker so won’t be registering… I hope but with this thread here it will remind me… see, there is some logic to my thinking

So every time you look at this thread it is like a slap in the face to remind you that you have been a very very naughty girl?