hi! chinese motorcycle

it is my first time to find londonbikes. i really love it. but i cant join you guys, because i m in USA now:D

i m a chinese, my hometown is hangzhou, maybe you never heard that city before. it was a big city near shanghai. in china, it is illicity to ride motorbikes on the road. you will be in big trouble if caps catch you. it is really sucks! it will not be a best to ride during the daytime, so the only time we can ride is midnight. that is why bikes are much more than mtorbikes in china. :smiley: but there are still a lot people like motorbikes. a lot them likes scooter better than motorbikes. it will be less dangerous than ride a racing bike. i have two bikes, GSXR600 K6 and Yamaha scooter. i really hope one day our lives will like yours.

my friend :smiley: cbr29

ride outs

my girlfriend

cbr1000 07

my club i was in USA too sad

“family dinner” haha :smiley:

same tshirt club t-shirt

there are a lot of picturs here http://bbs.hangzhou.com.cn/thread-5060491-1-8.html

hope you all like it

Well, welcome to the forum, Danielxie. Yours has got to be one of the most interesting posts I have ever seen on an internet forum. Great photos too; thanks for posting them.I couldn’t believe it when you said motorcycles are banned in China so I had to doublecheck that on the net and sure enough, many cities have indeed banned them, including Hangzhou. You have my total sympathy. Here’s a photo of Chinese police destroying over 14,000 confiscated motorcycles:

This certainly brings things into perspective; our biggest problem here in London is a certain local authority (Westminster) charging us to park our motorcycles in its area, which many of us are unhappy about and some of us are taking part in a protest against it next Sunday, 28 September. I guess protesting was not an option for you.

You guys have some nice bikes and seem like a decent bunch, and it’s great that you keep riding against all the odds. I really hope one day your lives will be like ours and you have the freedom to ride where you want, when you want (even if you do have to pay to park!).

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome, nice pictures there and we dont know how lucky we are being able to ride when and where we like, oh and notice their cafe is tidier than the Ace :smiley:

Excellent post and pictures!

I know they probably don’t have to have a reason – but is there a reason why some Chinese cities are banning motorbikes?? :unsure:

Hi and welcome, nice pics, that looks like my dvd man in one of them.

You don’t blog on many sites then lol :smiley: :Whistling:

Great pictures! Why have they banned motorbikes?

i dont why chinese government banned motorbikes, but most of cities in china are banning motorbikes. maybe government think we need more cars, but we already have a lot.

getting political :smiley:

Hello Danielxie! I loved reading your post :smiley: - it was very interesting to hear what life is like for Chinese bikers. I was sorry to hear that you have such a hard time getting to ride your bikes - I hope this changes soon and you can enjoy your bikes at any time of day or night! :DI loved the photos also :cool: - you look like a great bunch of guys and girls.

Big hello from London bikers to all our Chinese brother and sister bikers! :wink:

thanks man:D

Wow banning bikes… cant think they want more cars… that sux big time. Welcome aboard man.