Hi Bikers!

New guy. MV Agusta F4 750s

Popped down to the market wednesday night and only 1 bike was there! It was after 10, but come on!

I’m gonna pop down next week a bit earlier though.

C ya


Nice bike mate. Next time make sure you come at 7pm. Welcome to LB!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Great bike which is one of my all time favs.

Hey bubbstaMVf4, welcome aboard! See you next week :slight_smile: Nice bike btw!

we mist you by 15 min, welcome, nice bike makes a change from red.

cheers guys. my fav bike too. red was the only one i wanted until i saw this one!

welcome!! we have newbie night at the ace on Monday!!:slight_smile:

See you tonight at the Newbie Night or maybe at BMM next week, shame you missed 'em :wink:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: