hi bikers can you help

i have [ 1 ] questions to ask u gixxer 600 k1 2001

[ 1 ] can u recommend a good oil to use in the engine ?

and where to get from .

a brown one?

seriously though, all good oil firms produce oil which is plenty good enough, Rock, Silkolene, Shell,

castrol etc… it really comes down to price, and what bottle you like the look of… it should say in your owners manual wether to use fully synthetic or semi synthetic. that should be the only thing you need to look out for.

From what I have heard, it is not worth spunking the extra on fully synthetic oil, unless you are racing, plus it can cause wet clutches to slip…

Race quality oil CAN libertate 1bhp on average, through the reduction of friction losses, but you’ve got to be pretty hardcore to go that far, let alone to be able to notice the difference in performance. Just buy regular semi-synth if you’re concerned about the cost/suitability of fully-synth oils.

Some say it’s pointless, but I change my oil more often than strictly required, as I put my bikes through a lot of stress at the track, so every two or three trackdays I change the oil and filter. Other than that, I use standard semi-synth Motul oil.

For British climate, 10w - 40 semi synthetic oil, any make you like!

I use semi synth 10-40 in all my bikes. The road bike has it in, it supposed to get changed every 4K but because of the way I tend to ride it is currently getting done every 2000 miles. My track bike (ZX7R) gets the oil changed about every 500 miles. My SV650 Mini Twin Racer does three track sessions and then that gets changed as well, anywhere between 150 and 300 miles really.

I usually use Rockoil by choice but if not available any reputable brand that I can lay my hands on.

As to where to get your oil, any decent bike shop should have it in stock or you can buy online from loads of places.

I was just at an Infinity store, buying some oil for my Gixxer, and haven’t really taken in the price difference between the oils before, but I was shocked to see that Fully-Synthetic oil was double the price of Semi-synth, at nearly £40! 4L of Semi-synth for £18, yes please.

Semi Synth is more than up to job.

I’ve also been reliably informed that the stuff from Halfrods is pretty good - for your average Semi Synth anyway. Certainly never done my CBR any harm for 10k, but I usually change the oil every 3 or 4k.

cheers guys