Hi, biker mates !

Hi, I’m niftyfifty, been riding since 1974, first bike a Triumph Bonneville T140v, now own a BMW K1200 GT. Member of the 59 club, joined when I was a rocker. Will be pleased to get to know you all, and possibly meet some day. London born, Stepney E.1 , now live in Greenwich borough. Cheers !

Hello and welcome to LB


Welcome to the funhouse

wotcha n welcome

Welcome to LB!!

welcome welcome, why not try our borough market meet tonight from 6pm onwards!!

Welcome m8.

I not too far from ya, se16 jamaica rd area.


welcome to LB

“Old Skool Babeeeeeeeeeee” …

With the right Club and the Post Code !!!

Welcome aboard mate !!!

At east now he the proper/good side of the water!

Welcome to LB niftyfifty

Enjoy da site

Da Artist

Welcome to the madhouse