Hi - Another noob

Hi. Been a long term lurker on here and thought it was about time I registered.

Commute from Upminster to Canary Wharf weekdays, come rain, shine, snow etc. Have been biking for about 35 years with most of them on geared scooters, made a transition to auto scooters a couple of years ago and for the last few months have changed to a proper motorbike, Honda NC750x (although the DCT version).

Never thought I would take to a bike after being on scooters for so long, but must admit I don’t think I would go back to scooters for commuting now (still use them for weekends though :smiley:)




Welcome to LB chap :slight_smile:

Better late than never so see the error of your ways :grin:

Welcome Rob!

Welcome aboard mate!

I suppose it depends on the length of your commute - Upminster to Canary Wharf is indeed the full nine yards.

But for me I find the opposite. I’ve owned Ducatis for the last twenty years and if my other half’s Piaggio is not being used, I’ll gladly hop on it in preference for short commutes.

It’s all two wheeled fun :slight_smile:

from the minster
i grew up around that area

you an A12 warrior ?


Welcome to LB. Probably a wise idea waiting to sign up until on big bikes and the banter would become relentless

Many thanks for the warm welcomes.

Although enjoying the bike I will still have a place for the scooters :wink:

I actually use the A13 every day - used to use A12 about 6 years ago when I was in the City


Welcome! Great to see new people here. Doesn’t matter what you ride or rode, we all have the same passion so everyone’s welcome :slight_smile:

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