Hi......... and already help

Hi all,

my names is Davide 29 from Islington. I wanted to introduce myself a little better but I have a terrible pain deep in my hearth.

I got a call last Saturday night from my flatmate:

Your bike is burning !

There is nothing left of my wonderful Ninja.

The next day I was told by my neighbors that this is the third time. So why the council didn’t move the parking or why didn’t they place a note saying high risks area? Not even a CCTV.

Can I blame the council…I had renewed in august without fire&theft…I’ve lost my princess…but what now am I buying another bike to let this f****** burn the new one too…:exclamationmark:

Ciao and apology for this.



It’s look horrible. I wish you more luck with a new bike. Make sure you have a proper insurance.

Oh mate that’s nasty:crazy:I wish you good luck with your replacement.I can’t see for one minute how you can blame the council for what happened.

Mildly confused why you are blaming the council.
Is that a scoot that also burned beside your bike?
Was it deliberate?

Whatever it was, that is a mighty upsetting picture and I honestly feel for you.

I’m not sure if the ‘hearth’ was a typo or your way of trying to keep a sense of humour, but it did make me smile.


sorry for the typo & thanks for support.

I was told this is the third time within 1.5 year. Same spot same parking space.

Why didn’t the council put a note or sign saying high risk area( do not park here or get fire insurance?).

Why didn’t they moved the parking space?

My neighbours did ask several time for CCTV as its a high risk area.

If I was informed of the risks I would have surely added the fire & theft option.

What is the council plan for the future, sending the cleaners and wait for the next bike to be burned?

Funny thing, I split from my girlfriend last week and in a sad moment I actually said to my bike: at least I still got you…my baby…




So you would like to sue The Council for the negligence and failure to warn?

I do not know how are public services like parking comparable to product liability but I wouldn’t spend money on lawyer who’s gonna say it’s possible.

Meanwhile try to calm down and don’t try anything stupid, you’ll just increase your loss.

Really feel sorry for what happened.

Sorry to see this, sad sight, hope I never see my ZX6R like that :w00t: What caused the fire ? Your only recourse is against the person who caused the fire. If it was the scoot parked next to yours then you claim against them, doesn;t matter that your insurance doesn’t cover you for fire that’s only relevant if your bike catches fire on its own. If you can;t trace the person who started it then you may have a problem :crying:

Hi and welcome aboard, sorry to see what has happened to your bike.

oh thats such a shame, no one wants to come out and see their bike on fire…

welcome, good luck with the bike purchase!:slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Why not find a witness to tell you which bike set yours on fire and have a chat with the owner? Unless yours was the first, then I’m no help :frowning:

Whatever happens, enjoy your new ride :wink:

Txs everyone…

That’s terrible…Sorry to see that and I hope you get a new ride sorted soon.

Thought Islington was too posh for that kind of thing to happen, but I guess you’re not too far from crackhead Camden.

I think unless you get a bike worth just a couple of hundred that would be no loss to you whatever happened to it, Third Party Fire & Theft insurance should be the minimum cover you get.

All the best and welcome.

I think there’s a lesson for all of us here. If you can’t afford the proper cover, you can’t really afford that bike.

Sorry to see m8, but didnt the clue of 2 burnt out bikes next to yours not say to you better not park it there?

Looks to me some1 dont like bikes where you live.

On anothe note, i’d look to see wot scortes hang around in the park, gate behind/nr the bike park bit.

I’d hazzard a guess that they were all three damaged in the same fire. Judging by the state of the middle one I’d guess that was the centre of the fire. The frame has evaporated:w00t:

Hi all,
i did not know the bike were burned until i talked to the neigbours AFTER MINE. I did talk to the local police and they told they were aware that earlier this year a bike was burned in the park, but same story about CCTV being too expensive. I told them why didnt you move the parking under more lightining or put up some notice as I’ve seen in many areas…even that too expensive?
He said I should have done my research.

I cannot see as anyone will testify that the scooter was burning first.
-I know the scooter had the seat broken so anyone could access the fuel very easily.
-I suspect my bike was the one burned but then mine had an alluminium frame and the fusion point is lower than the steel of the piaggio.
-In addition the Gas Track Suspension Shock could is exploded causing the frame to brake.
-My was the one with the most fuel and plastic.
-The piaggio has only the seats.

WIll await for a report from the Fire Brigade.

I know its my fault not having an insurance and teh lesson learned is that we live in a society where I have to pay 700pounds more to insure my bike and if you cant afford this well as the rest of it…life is for the rich isnt it?

Even if I decide to get a new bike I will not be able to park it there anymore even if I have TPFT insurance.

The sad truth is yesterday while on the bus I couldnt stop looking at the bikes running …I will get another bike and I will hope nothing happens to it?

BTW anyone interested in sharing a garage in N1?

oh my gosh! thats bad! sorry to see/ hear this!!!

Damn that sucks, hope you get back on 2 wheels soon.

“oh my gosh!”??? you a lady now? :stuck_out_tongue:

jeez thats awful, did you only have 3rd party or summat, thats daft