Hi allll

Hi guysJust been looking having a look round and thought I’d introduce myself,

I’ve just got my first big boy bike! Its a Black 2006 R6.

wanted to say hello :slight_smile: and hope to come out on some ride outs (if you’ll have me) I was advised here by Rich from infinity, anyone know his username?

I’m a member of www.tjtuning.co.uk/forums but its not really based in one place making it hard to meet up. Also its mainly 125s,

oh and if anyone has any questions about the Aprilia RS 125 I know the bike inside out :slight_smile:

Cheers Jamie

welcome to lb jamie

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello mate. Nice bike! :slight_smile:

yo, hello and welcome

hello Jamie

welcome to LB


Hi and welcome! :slight_smile: Nice bike!


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome to LB :smiley: Jamie